Lit is coming 4/20/2022!!!

NO!!!, We don't me that kind of "Lit" although it's 4/20 (Happy Birthday Bob Marley).


We mean Let your light shine LIT!!! The new single featuring Twenty Rexx and Kiid K is available for:

Preorder: April 6, 2022

Release date…

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Something Is Coming June 1, 2021

Be Sure to stay engaged as Luvonachek gets

ready to release a new surprise single

from his upcoming mixtape.

Single and mixtape title coming soon!!!!!

New Single "LUV" 

It's HERE!!!!!! 

Today is the day that you can begin to Enjoy “Luv” by Luvonachek Use in you insta-stories, FB stories, pages etc… Download, Stream, comment, Share; let’s literally Spread “Luv”. #Luv #love #Luvheals #CHH #Luvonachek #gospelrap #postivevives #newmusic #Christianmusic…

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New Single "LUV"

We're excited to announce the Brand New Single, "Luv" which will be available for Pre-Order on March 1,2020 and for SALE April 1,2020.

You can download and/or stream on your favorite apps/sites such as Google Play, iTunes, Amazon,…

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